FA Youth cup

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FA Youth cup

Post by JKennett636 on Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:06 am

Good luck to the youth team tonight, send them packing!


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Re: FA Youth cup

Post by HammersforEver on Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:24 am

That has to go down as the most frustrating game I have ever seen.

20 minutes in and Nelson are in cruise control and unlucky not to be in front after a brilliant effort by left back struck the underside of the bar from 30 yards out.

Then the turning point - Gateshead free kick and the most bizarre defending I have ever witnessed gifted them the goal - their one and only shot of the half.

Into the second half and the very average Gateshead found time and space given to them by a non existing midfield and took full advantage as they took the Admirals apart.

I have never witnessed such a young team with so many ego's in it - it was almost laughable. Every attacking player wanted to be the man that made a difference and the 4 - 0 score-line tells you just how successful they were, did they learn from it......No is the answer.

I noticed the match was filmed and hopefully a recording of the full match is shown to the players so the ones with massive ego's can see just how poor their knowledge and decision making is. Even when they had time and space on the ball they made the wrong decision time after time. Playing teams of a higher standard means you must play football. I'm afraid that most of these boys will not get anywhere near the development squad unless they drastically improve their understanding of the game because tonight they beat themselves. Tonight they showed they were little more than a kick and rush Sunday league side which is why I am frustrated because their is a lot of talent in this team but they need to grow up and be much more controlled.

You have to feel sorry for the Manager as he will have put a lot of thought into this game but I struggled to see what formation they were actually playing and their play lacked any kind of tactics.

The Roy of the Rovers in the middle had plenty of heart and desire but that is where the football ended, as I lost count of the amount of times he ran into someone else's space, caused confusion, didn't win the ball and they countered using his marker who had the freedom of the pitch most of the night. He just isn't as good as he thinks he is.

Very disappointing - back to the drawing board.


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